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Institute of Social Work

Board of Governors

According to Part III, sections 5(1) and 5(2) of the Institute of Social Work Act no.26 of 1973 [Cap 110 R.E 2002] as amended by the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No. 03 of 2002. The Board of Governors is the supreme decision making organ of the Institute. The current Board of Governors is composed of eleven (11) members appointed by the Minister for Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups, and the Chairperson who is an appointee of the President. The list of current members of the Board is as presented in Table 1.1.

Table 1.1: Members of the Board of Governors

1Hon. Sophia Mathayo Simba Chairperson
2Dr. Lulu Simon MahaiVice Chairperson
3Dr. Joyce Elzear NyoniRector - Institute of Social WorkSecretary
4Dr. Fidelice Mbaruku MafumikoMember
5Dr. Adolf Babiligi RutayugaMember
6Ms. Maida Waziri JumaMember
7Mr. Kihanga Privatus ChristopherMember
8Ms. Alesia Alex MbuyaMember
9Mr. Mark Eldad Mulwambo Member
10Mr. Nandera E. Mhando Member
11Ms. Jane John Institute of Social Work Student's Government President(ISWOSO)Member