Member Area

Institute of Social Work


Aims and Scope

The Institute of Social Work Journal promotes intellectual discussions on social and business development. The Journal aims to contribute both theoretical and empirical knowledge in order to promote sustainable socio-economic transformation in the developing economies. In this regard, the journal invites scholars from different parts of the world to submit their manuscripts. The main focus of this Journal is on Social Work, Sociology, Labour Studies, Economics, Business Development and Entrepreneurship. The Institute of Social Work Journal integrates the aforementioned professional a reas to inform the development efforts in developing countries and, provide empirical and theoretical implications on the development path. The Institute of Social Work Journal is published twice a year, in March and August.

Review Process

The Institute of Social Work Journal has a number of reviewers who are anonymously selected to review the submitted manuscripts. The manuscript for review does not show the author’s name and the affiliation. Reviewers are given two weeks to submit the report on the reviewed manuscript to the Chief Editor. The review reports are then sent to the author and incorporate the comments before submitting the revised manuscript. The manuscript will be processed for publication after being accepted by the Editorial Board basing on the reviewers’ comments.