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Institute of Social Work



This unit was developed in 2006 with the overall goal of developing new links, to maintain the cooperation of the links which were established internationally with other universities and international organizations in Europe and America.

The objectives of this unit is to enable the Institute of Social work to build capacity of its faculty members through work experiences, research and projects which are align with social work education and related fields in Tanzania.

Activities Covered by the Unit:

The unit coordinates various activities which mostly are under the projects. Para Social work training which is under the HIV/AIDS Partnership for OVC in Tanzania. The training has so far covered 12 regions including Zanzibar, and currently the programme has trained 4599 Para social workers and Para Social worker supervisors. The Unit is receiving 15-25 students annually from Bergen University College and Oslo University in Norway for orientation programs. The students come for field work placements in Tanzania, prior to placements the Institute of Social work provides one week orientation program to the students. The unit through the HIV/AIDS Partnership for OVC in Tanzania develops curriculums in various areas of study including Child Protection, HIV/AIDS counseling, Disaster Management Skills, and ParaSocial Work training. Through partners the unit develops exchange programs in areas of Field work Placements and Social work education where students and faculty members have an opportunity to attend various conferences and abroad. The Institute of Social Work has expertise in monitoring and evaluation in the areas of HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children and child protection.

Collaborations with ISW