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Institute of Social Work

Peter Mgawe is currently finalizing his PhD in Development Studies at the University of Dar es salaam in Tanzania. He holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work obtained from the Open University of Tanzania. Besides, he also has a B. A. (Hons) with Education obtained from the University of Dar es Salaam. Currently, he is serving at the Institute of Social Work as an Assistant lecturer for more than 8 years.
Mgawe has delivered consultancy services on developing a Child Safeguard Policy granted by The Tanzania Interfaith Partnership Organization (TIP). Moreover, he has managed to do research and publish in various areas such as Sexual and reproductive health information among the youth in secondary and higher learning institutions, The history of Mpimbwe tribe where different old people were interviewed about the history of their area and managed to publish a book. He has also researched and published a journal article entitled “Factors affecting bush meat consumption in the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem of Tanzania”. He is currently working on two paper articles entitled “The use of sexual and reproductive health information in reducing sexual transmitted disease among adolescents in selected secondary schools in Mtwara” and “Knowledge on reproduction health Information in reducing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in higher learning Institutions in Tanzania”.