Member Area

Institute of Social Work

Dr. Joseph Pessa: Registrar


The Office will be led by the registrar and will perform the following functions:

  1. Overseeing students admission and examinations processes;
  2. Liaising with departments on matters of admission and registration of students;
  3. Overseeing updating and production of academic Almanac and annual Prospectus;
  4. Providing assistance to the Deputy Rector Academic, Research and Consultancy for general administration of academic affairs;
  5. Processing administrative matters relating to the functions of academic departments, and examination committees’ functions;
  6. Keeping record of teaching staff establishment;
  7. Ensuring and handling of academic awards;
  8. Assisting in processing appointments, promotions, confirmations and termination of academic staff;
  9. Overseeing processing of applications, selection and admission of students;
  10. In-charge of students orientation programmes;
  11. Advising the Deputy Rector ARC on all matters related to function of the office of Registrar.